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Singapore – a city of dream and comfort which makes it simply a wonderful country to live in! The Land of Merlion is well-developed with beautiful greenery nature and scenery yet highly urbanized and has many attraction spots that will just sweep all tourists and citizens of their feet.

Tips on travel to Singapore

Some of you all out there might be wondering how this city-state that is located in the South East Asia has become one of the most successful countries in today’s time despite being one of the youngest nations in the world. With a total land of only 273 square miles, what is there in Singapore that creates the desire for each and every one of us to at least visit the country over and probably start a new life or build a career there?

Stamford Raffles Statue - nice place to travel in Singapore

The answer for this can be simply found the Malaysian History and Singapore History Book that highlights Singapore’s strategic location after Penang and Malacca, which is the major sea route for the countries of India and China.

Singapore was also believed to be the inhabitants of the Orang Laut people as Singapore was the famous site for Malay fishing villages. For all the development which you are seeing now in Singapore was initially originated and developed by Sir Stamford Raffles during the 19th century. He developed and contributed in innumerable ways he could such as founding Singapore as a free port, ensured the safety of citizens through an institution of the local magistrate, and developed an institution for higher education and lots more in establishing Singapore as a blossomed nation.

For a pint-sized bit of history and heritage of Singapore has been shared here, then you folks there shouldn’t miss out to explore another city in Malaysia that shares the similar plot and story. Known as Malacca, the setting and history will bring you back again to those century where till now, one can find the element of Portuguese and few other elements that kind of binds Singapore and Malacca.

One of the best ways to explore this city of heritage is by taking a bus from Singapore to Malacca and likewise, a bus from Malacca to Singapore to grasp this developed yet historical nation of Singapore! Singapore like any other countries and destinations has its own unique handouts to offer to all its citizens and tourists. With its extraordinary and heartening experiences, Singapore will indeed provide you with ever-changing surroundings in order to ensure the excitement is ongoing. This will then develop a new mark of travel experiences in Singapore for each and every one of you!

So now to discover what awaits you, take your relaxed time in exploring travel to Singapore. With various places to go and explore in Singapore, how to get to Singapore, what to eat in Singapore and shop in Singaporetravel to Singapore will indeed give you an ideal recommendation and holiday planner at the best time to visit Singapore and how would you like your holiday to be! Wait no longer and make up your best fantasized holiday at travel2singapore.com.sg.
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Who can ever believe that this small country – island with more than 5 million people living is one of the second most highly populated after Monaco? Despite being highly urbanized and inhabited, Singapore still has a huge sum of greenery surrounding with 4 nature reserves and 50 major parks. Besides that, cleanliness is also looked into very seriously in ensuring each and every part of the city, district and towns are clean and well-kept. As you are getting ready to travel to Singapore, here we share with you some of the districts and major cities and towns in this spotless modern city centre.

  • Riverside – This Civil District is known to be Singapore’s essential colonial site which is filled with museums, restaurants, bars, statues, theatres and clubs.
  • Orchard Road – For all those shopaholic, this is your zone!
  • Marina Bay – One of the hottest features of Singapore which is primarily lead by the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort – one can explore the hotel, casino, shopping mall, convention centre, museum and the Marina Barrage at any time of the day! Undoubtedly, the night scenery here is also something that shouldn’t be missed for real!
  • Bugis and Kampong Glam – Were popularly known as Singapore’s old Malay district, but now – it’s largely taken over by the shopping galore.
  • Chinatown – Was initially entitled for Chinese settlement by Raffles, but now it’s popularly known for its Chinese heritage area which is highly popular with tourists.
  • Little India – A piece of India to the north of the city core that will bring you back all the way to the Indian – Desi atmosphere.
  • Balestier, Newton, Novena and Toa Payoh – Here, you can find yourself some low-priced accommodations and Burmese temples along the way.
  • North and West – Also known as Woodlands and Jurong respectively, this part of the island forms Singapore’s residential and industrial localities.
  • East Coast – Changi Airport is located here and one will also find beach and various food outlets at this residential eastern part of the island. Geylang Serai, the real home of Singapore’s Malays is also found here.
  • Sentosa – Formerly known to be a military fort, and now it well -developed into Sentosa Resort. Sentosa is also filled with lots of fun and entertainment as the Universals Studio of Singapore – is all set to bring the famous characters in Hollywood and Disney to real life.



Singapore is also one the country after Malaysia that takes the part in being a multi-racial country with diversified culture around. Chinese people forms one of the largest groups of population here, which comes to about 75%. And then, we have the Malays originating from Malaysia and some from Indonesia and Brunei making about 14% of the population here. Indians in Singapore for almost 9% of the population with a mix of North and South Indian crowd in Malaysia.

As for the rest of the crowd, it has a mix of European and Asian origin, and also a trickle of Japanese, Thais, Filipinos, Burmese and lots more. Despite being a multi-racial country, Singapore also has diversified of group with various beliefs. Not only that, Singapore also provides its citizen the freedom of religion they wish to follow.

With about 33% of the population of Singapore, Buddhism is one of the largest religions followed Islam Christianity, Hinduism and Taoism. In addition to the “big five”, there are also much minor numbers of, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Jews, Baha’is and Jains as well as a rough amount of 17% Singaporeans admit to have no religious connection. So get all geared up now in taking a tour around travel2singapore.com.sg with this overview given!

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